Talks and Seminars

Diverse Matters is able to tailor talks and seminars appropriately depending on the need of the organisation. We have launched a number of disability networks for organisations, as well as delivered talks and seminars during Diversity Week for organisations. Our Question Time and Speed Networking events provide an innovative way for people and organisations to share questions and experiences equipping both managers and individuals with practical tools to use in the workplace.

Package 1

Diverse Matters provides keynote speeches to launch disability networks for all sizes of organisations, fully tailored to your needs.

Package 2

Diverse Matters delivers talks during Diversity Week at organisations, which can include explaining what disability is, how you encourage employees to share their disability at work, highlight the benefits of openness and examples of reasonable adjustments at work.

Package 3

Diverse Matters delivers taster sessions on “The Confident with Disability Workshop”, “The Diversity L.A.B.E.L. workshop” and “The Powerful First Impressions Process”.

Package 4

“The Question Time Disability Panel Debate”

Diverse Matters notices that when you have visible role models and there is an openness about disability then employees (both with and without disabilities) are more confident discussing disability in the workplace.

The Question Time Disability Panel Debate is chaired by the founder of Diverse Matters, Yasmin Sheikh. Speakers on the panel all have experiences of living with different types of disability, both visible and non-visible, including mental health, autism, hearing and visual impairments, for example, in the workplace.

After the event you will come away with a better understanding of:

  • what constitutes a visible and non-visible disability.
  • examples of reasonable adjustments if you have a disability.
  • the benefits of telling your employer about your disability.
  • support services available.
  • how we can all become more confident talking about disability related issues.
  • and how we can all learn about being more inclusive for people with disabilities.

Package 5

“Speed Networking Events”

These events are facilitated by Diverse Matters to enable roundtable discussions to be held between external disabled professionals from different industries with either employers and/or employees in your organisation to give them confidence around disability issues in the workplace.

After the event you will come away with a better understanding of:

  • how to ask for a reasonable adjustment at work.
  • how to share your disability at work.
  • how to be confident at work with a disability.
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